onsdag 10 juni 2015

Smycken från EYESEEi

Vår nya sponsor EYESEEi ger oss möjligheten att låna ut fantastiska smycken till er på lördag. Missa inte!

Each unique piece is hand-made by humans and for humans. Every material used in making EYESEEi jewelry is carefully selected: the hand-chosen, real crystals from around the world are all hand-cut by artisans, benefitting workers around the world. When combined with the sterling silver and some white gold, the fusion of rough-cut earth crystals with metallic elements demonstrate the beautiful diversity found in nature.
EYESEEi was founded by Swedish fashion designer Sanna Aulén in 2013. Before she created EYESEEi, Sanna studied and worked with clothing in the global fashion industry longing to create items that she could connect with in a more sustainable and meaningful way.